Boy Scout Collecting Videos

The classic Tenderfoot pin is very common. Below is a link to a little video about them.

1911 Boy Scout Pin


8 thoughts on “Boy Scout Collecting Videos

  1. I have a set of explorer scout placards with explorer scout in a dress blazer and uninafrom and the explorer matto and othea mounted on 6 foot tripods I would like to sale I can send pic. are in Ogden, Utah

  2. I have found a 1957 bsa valley forge jamboree belt buckle is it worth anything I found 1 on ebay for sale on ebay for 20 dollars but does not look like this one are there fake ones thanks you for your time

  3. I have a huge amount of old scouting uniforms, super old patches and pins that I want to sell entire lot please contact me if interested

  4. My folks have a huge collection of patches, books and memorabilia from troops in Ohio, and possibly Kentucky, I think.

  5. I have a green Boy Scout jacket with a large 1960 50th anniversary Jamboree in Colorado Springs patch along with several nickerchief’s. Also a Boy Scout Handbook prior to 1960.

  6. Are you still buying boy scout items? I have some Scout-O-Rama, Camp Napowan (1) and Camporee patches, 50-60’s. A decal from the National Jamboree Valley Forge, 1957. Cubmaster’s Pack Book, 1954 printing.

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