Boy Scout Mugs

Boy Scout Coffee Mugs

Boy Scout Coffee Mugs

Boy Scout Coffee Mugs while cool, are not all that collectible.  I hate it when someone has a box of these and thinks they are going to get rich off them.  The brutal truth is they are good for drinking coffee and target practice.

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  1. Thanks for your frank assessment of the boy scout mugs. I just snagged a whole box of ’em. What I’m looking for is, who is the vendor/manufacturer that created this style of mug – you know, with the decal/screen print art and gold trim?

    • Greg,

      I’m not aware of any one company that made the majority of these. I believe they were made by many different companies.


  2. I just inherited a “box” like you talked about and while I don’t have any thought of getting rich, I would like to find a way to get these into the hands of people who would might be interested in them for their own personal collection. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Try contacting your local scouting district.
      Usually they run a Roundtable every month for area leaders. That would be a good place to start. We gave out mugs as end of year prizes one year, folks picked their favorites to take home. Or ask a local troop if they’re interested in adopting them to use at their scout fundraiser dinners. What fun these mugs are!

  3. I collect them{not for profit,I just like them}.I can’t believe you would use them for target practice!My family and friends have gotten 30+ years of enjoyment from them.Many of the young folks who live around this remote area of FL. have never even heard of Scouting.In that respect alone they ARE indeed very valuable.Feel free to send any”targets” to me so this collection can be passed on to future generations…PS I don’t have a lot of money,but I’m not the kind of guy who want’s something for nothing.

  4. I must have 10 boxes of scouting mugs my husband purchased from all over! I am going to check with my local scout troop to see if they want some, and then start selling mugs at my next yard sale! If anybody out there in cyberspace is interested and willing to pay postage plus $4.00 for my dial-a-ride bus fare let me know!

  5. I have a large collection of scout mug an patches,an a number of other scouts items. what are you looking for?

  6. We just received a double layer box of mugs at our new Scouts BSA troop, and we’ll be using them at our meeting for Troop leaders to enjoy a warm beverage and plan to use them as our “regular cups” at fundraisers for everyone to enjoy. Pancakes or Spaghetti with cool coffee mugs! Ha!
    Maybe instead of ‘target practice’ you could offer up at your local District Roundtable to be adopted by local leaders or offer to a local Scout Camp. Scouts are thrifty! It was nice to get the mugs donated (free) to our Troop, as we started with zero funds and are focusing all our efforts on fundraising for Scouts to get to go to camp. We would happily accept additional NH mugs as donations. It’s a beautiful drive to Keene, NH !

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