What is Collectible

There are many areas of Boy Scout Memorabilia that are collectible and valuable. In no particular order, here are some categories that are popular:

Order of the Arrow

Council Strips

Camp Patches


National Jamboree

World Jamboree

Eagle Scout Items


Merit Badges

Neckerchief Slides

Sea Scout

Explorer Items


12 thoughts on “What is Collectible

  1. I have a 1936 boyscout calander. The campfire story dedicated to the boy scouts of Denver by the MERCHANTS BISCUIT COMPANY IT IS IN GOOD CONDATION FOR IT’S AGE ARE YOU INTERESTED?

  2. I have a boyscout doll. He is about 4″ tall . He is hard plastic , with a cloth uniform, a red bandana, a metal fleur de leu ( not sure of spelling) pin on his hat and a metal pin on his chest that says “be prepared” . An elderly man has told me he thinks he is probably from the 1930’s , but I have been unable to find him anywhere.

  3. Would you like to buy? Copyright 1917, By D. Appleton and Company
    Edited by:
    Franklin K Mathiews – Chief Scout Librarian

  4. Does anybody collect signatures? I have a set of correspondence between a scouter and Green Bar Bill. Wow, what a flamboyant signature!

  5. my father was the fire chief for 2 national jamborees he has a silver beaver award and about 50/60 years of stuff, please contact if interested to discuss,

  6. I have “The Boy Scouts Year Book” , D.Appleton and Co., 1916. I am interested in selling.

  7. Got complete set of medals, or pins and patches for all BSA ranks through eagle, including mothers pins, award cards and eagle scout certificate signed by Richard Nixon in 1972. I also have order of the arrow sash and council patch, merit badge sash, 22 merit badges, and many troop 43 Sutter buttes council in northern Ca camporee , and expo patches from the late 60s to early 70s. including one comemorating Apollo moon landing in 1969. Any chance your interested. All in excellent condition.

  8. I have alot of boys out stuff from 1950s including items from the 4th jamboree, everything in mint condition. Also includes signed certificates old vintage photos and news clipping of B.S.A 4th jamboree. reply to me for more details I have lots to see

  9. I have the following Boy Scout books:

    1962 Troop Activities
    February 1970, Sixth Edition Boy Scout Handbook
    June 1972, Eighth Edition Scout Handbook

    Any interest?

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