Red & White Community / Council Strips

Before the council strips of today were used, most scouts wore a simple Red & White strip with the name of their community and a separate Red & White strip within their state.


Professionals at the time wore a single strip with the entire council name and are referred to as Half Strips.

Council Half Strips

Council Half Strips

Before this, they were the same things except for Khaki & Red strips.


These transitioned into single Red & White Council strips.

Red & White Council Strips

Red & White Council Strips


There are many varieties of these strips as councils changes names and merged over the years. This category of Boy Scout collecting has really picked up steam in the last several years with some strips selling for over $1000.

There are also varieties for Sea Scouts which are While and Blue and Air Scouts which are Dark Blue on Light Blue.

11 thoughts on “Red & White Community / Council Strips

  1. I am looking for a specific town strip that would have been in the 1925 to 1935 timeframe. Where would be the best locations on the internet to go? Our troop is celebrating 90 consecutive years of its charter and I would like to recreate a Scoutmaster uniform from its inception of 1925. I cannot find anyone in town that has anything left. Our town is Camp Hill PA.

    Would you suggest a reproduction? if so, are there dimensions to the strips?


    Brian Stever
    Bobwhite and ASM
    Troop 51
    Camp Hill, PA

  2. If you had a blue and white “Kansas City” strip, what would you price it at in good condition?

  3. I am trying to find information and value of a Council Half Strip I have. It is Indiana LakeLand. It is Green and Red.Thanks


    • Indiana Lakeland was a Girl Scout Council headquartered in Goshen, Indiana. I’m not sure if value, but I would be interested in buying it if you want to sell it. I live in the area and have a Girl Scout.

  4. I found a RW council strip that I had never seen before. It is a Three Rivers Council (Beaumont, Texas) The council began in 1970 as a merger of the Trinity and Neches Councils. I have a scan I could send if you want. My e-mail is down right now, was told it would be back up sometime today.

  5. Does anyone know if there is a company that makes these to order? I actually like the red/white strips better than the council patches, and if the BSA’s position is that anything that was uniform still is uniform, I’m wondering why I couldn’t put together a “vintage” shirt? My pack has been around for nearly 75 years. Thanks,


    • Our council says we are not allowed to wear community strips today. I have a bit of a rub with that myself as I see no reason why you couldn’t wear them or even have them made in subdued tones like the numerals today. The official position:

      “I understand the community ID. There are other ways to do this. A unit patch that hangs from the right pocket button. You are already doing an identifier on the unit number patch.
      The statement was a Council CSP is worn on the left sleeve in position one. There is no allowance for a community strip above it.
      To your other point, if it looks like a CSP then it is a CSP and requires approval from the board and I have told you their stand..
      Community strips were abandoned many years ago.
      If you do a strip it will be in violation of the insignia guide.”

  6. Searching for a RCS for “Chester”, and a “PA” state strip. Putting together a scrapbook of my Scouting adventures

  7. Looking for red and white community strip – Helena. Please contact me if you have access to one. Thank you.

  8. Looking for red and white “Waynesboro” “PA” and/or red and white Mason Dixon Council half strip.

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