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  1. I have a kerchief clip (?) from 1967 Theodore Roosevelt Council EXPO. If interested in buying please e-mail me Thank You Linda

  2. Have several years of camp patches, old 1940’s and 50’s BSA Handbook and Explorer Scout Handbook, scarf, patrol patches (fathers stuff), my old camp jamboree patches, 75th Ann patch collection, assorted patches, OA and OA Brotherhood patches from a few states, Council patches, etc. Have pics…..would like to send to you to see if it is something you’d be interested in.

  3. 1980-1984 patches
    and silver beaver award from grandfather
    Eagle Scout 8″X10″ stained glass
    I do have mugs and understand they aren’t worth much if anything

  4. I have a small collection of patches from the early-to-mid ’70’s. Order of the Arrow Glikhikan Lodge including their bicentennial flap patch and oval patch. 9 patches total. Also Philmont bicentennial rectangular patch, arrowhead patch and the felt bull.

    Then finally a 50-miler patch and numerous camporee/camporall and klondike derby patches from Two Rivers Council, Fox Valley District.

    Let me know if you have an interest in any or all – I’m happy to forward photos.

  5. Subject: Rare 51-year old “Round-Up” Commemorative of the first manned U.S. Space Flight orbiting earth. The patch is for sale.

    To whom it may concern:

    In year 1962, following the first manned U.S. space flight to orbit the earth, flown by Astronaut John Glen, the Boy Scouts of America had a special “Round-Up” patch made commemorative of “man” conquering the true last frontier, “Outer Space”.

    At year 1962’s local “Round Ups”, Scout Masters were each given a rationed number of the Commemorative Space Flight patches, of John Glenn’s historic flight orbiting the earth on February 20th that year. The patch was made in California and Oklahoma’s “Last Frontier Council” received only 324 of the patches to disseminate to Scouts attending that year’s local Round Up.

    According to my Scout Master, the 1962 year Round-Up patch idea and design was so last minute following John Glen’s recent historical orbit, .. they almost didn’t get them made in time for the Round-Ups. My Scout Master stated there was such a high demand for the patch that they were rationed out and that he was only able to secure 8 of the patches for our troop. I was a scout in Yukon Oklahoma’s troop 395 that year, and felt fortunate to receive the patch as I was only 1 out of about 30 plus members in our troop.

    Due to how special and rare the patch was, I never attached it to my uniform. I am old now and have decided to pass this patch along to someone who has a passion for collecting such memorabilia. The patch is in mint condition.
    If you would like to see a photo of the patch provide me an email address.

    My name is William Hudson and I presently live in Fort Worth, TX, and can be contacted at phone 817-707-9221,

    Sincerely, William Hudson

    My name is William Hudson and I presently live in Fort Worth, TX, and can be contacted at phone 817-707-9221,

  6. To whom it may concern.I have a whole bunch of vintage boyscout books and paperwork in which i would like to find a home for.My father was involved in scouting for 75yrs. and had quite the collection of stuff.From councilor procedures to specific old flyers and programs of certain jamborees,ect.All kinds of misc.papers, pamphets,ect.Also other items too.If you are or know of anyone interested feel free to call me at 951-545-1360m. THANKS LARRY MV,CA

  7. I have some boy scout stuff I would like to get rid of. I was given this box that is a collection of 100 years. I will send a picture of the box , the pictures are of front and back. Dates back to WWII when Boy Scouts started. I tried to upload photo but couldn’t. Send me an email to my address and I should beable to send it

  8. I have an unused 1957 Colorado Springs patch.
    Value / would you be intrested in buying?

  9. have stuff I would like to sell knife action figure ring 100’s of patches from the 1970 would like to get rid of everything can send picture.

  10. I Have a 1957 Explorers shirts and 3 markman medal and 1 Be prepared and 1 Duty to god medal and a shash and 27 patches if interested please call me at 760-285-1734 thanks vickie

  11. Have personal items from 1969 Idaho Jamboree.
    If interested please contact by email.


  12. I believe I have a belt buckle and some type of merit badge stating “Order of the Arrow” – probably circa mid 1960’s. I also have about 50 coffee mugs with various logos. I probably have other stuff in the piles of my parents’ basement, but this is what I recall is there. Are you interested in any of that? At what price?

  13. I have a vintage Boy Scout sash with 8 patches circa 1935, I have pictures if you are interested.

  14. RE: “69 Region 6 Jambo misprint. I worked at Camp Palmetto in 1969. It was my understanding from the kids who went to the Jambo that scads of those patches leaving GA off were made. National or whoever didn’t want to eat the cost, so kids who went to the jambo from SC, NC, Fla, and CZ got 5 or 6 of the R6 patches with GA omitted but only 1 with GA listed. Kids from GA got all R6 patches with GA listed. It worked out well for the GA kids because they instantly had several “rare” patches to trade. Everyone wanted the R6 with GA on it. Like your site, btw!

  15. I have been trying to find information on a Boy Scout bucket and haven’t had any luck and ran across your page. The bucket is brass approx. 10″ tall and 10-1/2″ at top tapering down to 8-1/2″. The bottom is a flare reset bottom and has a brass bale handle. On the bottom are several circles with the Boy Scout emblem and on the inside bottom are several circles with different boy scout bust images. Any info or direction of information would be appreciated. Tommy

  16. Can I just send you all of my dad’s BSA stuff and u can just take what you want and possibly ditch the rest? My mom is 81 and I really need to clear out her house. She grew up during the depression and won’t throw a thing out. If she sees it being sent to you she’ll be happy….just don’t let her know if you threw anything away.
    But, take it….please!
    Thank you!
    Elizabeth Stathis

  17. Over this past weekend I ran across an old trunk at a relay for life rummage sale and bought it as is with content. Inside the truck I found what appears to be a large collection of.. I’m not sure proper names but there’s at least 100 or more badges/patches some leather all ranks & sizes there are neckerchief/bandana multiples,sash’s and more. Not had a chance to go through only the top few items at this time. They appear to range 70s and earlier multiple states. Can provide pictures. Any info or if you might be interested please contact me at or 936-223-2635
    Thank you and have great day.

  18. I have 5 vintage frames of boy scout badges from 1906 /1970 I am looking to sell them all i have them in my facebook same name too see. Let me know what you think.

  19. I have three boyscout uniforms in mint condition from my fiancee that passed away these are over 45 years old. I found them in attic

  20. I have about 200 color slide photos of the 1953 jamboree, with narration notes. Vintage case, troop 12 of kingston ny. email me and I will send some images.

  21. I have an official boy scout bugle. I,ve had this bugle for 47 years and I think it,s about 60 years old.Contact me if you are interested.

  22. I have Makualla Lodge hat pins, new, never opened, and I have Modoc Area Council shoulder patch, also unused. Are these worth anything to anyone?

  23. I have a 1937
    The National and World Jamborees in pictures ( Boy Scouts Of America )
    This book is like new and still in the original book Post parked .37C
    Jamboree – ing In Washington

    not sure what they bare worth and what to do with them.
    can you help me out.

  24. Hi I have would have let you believe to be very old vintage rare Boy Scout patches all different kinds my phone number is 424 2 – 2 2164 my name is Monte and you can call me anytime I try to send you some pictures thank you

  25. I have a VERY RARE/ HARD to obtain airsoft/military patch , evike gangnam style patch , open to any offers, selling due to family struggle ,please email me.

  26. I have a 1960’s Cub Scout shirt and a Boy Scout shirt too. There’s a pair of Boy Scout pants too. These have different badges on them plus year pins. Wanting to move them.
    Bob A

  27. I have an antique flat brass buckle with the words “Tequesta” and the fleur de lis just under it. I don’t know much about it outside of getting it from a friend when I was younger in exchange for a few vintage Boys Life magazines. If interested please let me know!

  28. My dad was the first Eagle Scout in Mercer County Missouri and I have his merit badge sash. Also assorted patches.

  29. I have 180 Boy Scout badges for sale. Many jamboree patches, rank patches, unique patches. Most have never been seen on. All are like new.

  30. I have a vintage order of the arrow native American regalia, complete set. Wondering if you’re interested. Email me for details and photos.

  31. I am interested in selling an Official Boy Scout Insta-Load 900 flash cube camera kit (1964) in the original box with 1 flash cube.. All are in very good condition.

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