What I Collect

I collect a wide variety of scout items. Below are some of my favorites.

Aluminum Neckerchief Slides

2017-01-14 13.32.41

2017-01-14 13.32.47

Plastic Round Neckerchief Slides

2017-01-14 13.10.14

Civic Service Patches

2017-01-14 13.11.17

Citizens Now Explorer Patches

2017-01-14 13.09.26

Flat Brass Belt Buckles

These were popular from the 1950’s thru 1970’s and were made for Camps, Councils, Order of the Arrow Lodges, Districts, etc. ┬áHere are a few pics of some of my collection:

IMG_0723 IMG_0725 IMG_0726


H. Roe Bartle Items

2016-12-27 14.34.20

2016-12-27 14.35.19

2016-12-27 14.35.39

2016-12-27 14.35.54

2016-12-27 14.36.24

2016-12-27 14.36.40

2016-12-27 14.36.59

2016-12-27 14.37.49

2016-12-27 14.38.04

NEAL Slides

Made by Neal’s Novelty Shop in Biddeford, Maine. ┬áThese distinct looking slides were made for most activities in scouting. Camps, Councils, Order of the Arrow Lodges, Districts, Jamborees, Regions, etc. I’m particularly interested in painted ones pictured below.




Jamboree Contingent Patches

1957 JSP

1953 JSP

1950 JSP

1960 JSP

Sea Scout Items

2017-01-14 13.10.34

Sherman Landman Slides
2017-01-14 13.30.18

War Service & Victory Items
2017-01-14 13.11.41

Woven Patches

The most popular of these was the Apache Company out of Kansas City.


Camp Osceola / H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation

Camp Osceola

Camp Express Council

Camp Geiger

32 thoughts on “What I Collect

  1. Hello. I stumbled upon your website while looking for something on google. I had some questions about what you collect:

    1) In your belt buckles, on the second photo, second to last column, second to last row, there is one that says “Mt. Allamuchy”. I have never really collected belt buckles, but on the otherhand there is very little from the camp that I don’t have at this point. I think I have picked up a few of these buckles as part of ebay lots, etc. over the years. If I have one that you don’t have, would you consider trading this Allamuchy buckle?

    2) I saw that you collect some of the early jamboree contingent patches. Do you have any of the Morris-Sussex contingent patches from any jamboree from 1969 or earlier? I’m just trying to get scans of ones that I am looking for.


  2. I am interested in a Osceola KC flat brass belt buckle. If you have dups or know of one.

  3. I am looking for an OA Neal slide from Lodge 505 in the shape of a pocket flap. and some Ten Mile River Scout camp Staff neckerchiefs from basically the 50″s. If you can help. I also trade and collect High Adventure Bases, OA, and odds and ends that catch my eye. Frank

  4. I am a collector of Cincinnati Area Council , Dan Beard Council , Camp Edger Friedlander , Camp Myron Kahn , Camp Hook , Peterloon Camporal , & anything Cincinnati area Scouting related . Please let me know if any one has any of these items for sale. Dan Beard Council Historian Jeff Tullius

    • I have a 1943 Peterloon Camporal leather arrowhead patch. Is this something you would e interested in?

    • Hello if your a scout about t collector you might be interested in 75yrs of scouting,.yes my dad had 75yrs in.lots of council stuff.how about red white and blue shoulder patches? i got all european plus more goodies call me larry 951-545-1360mobile

  5. I have a Neal Slide, Dec. 1963, Goldenrod Winter Camporee Oakland Neb. Igloo shaped with an igloo embossed on it..Dec and 63 on either side of the opening and the other words around the perimeter. If interested I’ll send a picture. Last one I had sold for $43.65

  6. I am a 50 year Scouting Veteran. I collect anything related to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that has a connection to WWI, WWII, Civil Defense, and Emergency Service. Also 1940-60 Senior Scouts and Explorer Scouts, as well as Troop leader position patches and pins. I have National and World Jamboree items, Scout related magazine ads, BSHB’s, Boy Scout prints and posters to trade for items I need.

    • I’d like to send you some cubscout and brownie stuff from the 50’s including a den mother’s complete uniform. If you’re interested, please send me your mailing address. Thanks. `Syble

  7. I am liquidating a huge collection that has alot of neal slides, and other materials you might be interested in. Can I send you some pics next week?

  8. I have my fathers eagle scout pin. the date would be for march 17 1960 when he received his master MMEN certificate I can’t find anything on this pin but it does say boy scouts of America eagle scout. do you know of this pin or its value?

    • I noticed your mention about the M Men certificate. I collect church issued LDS awards, seminary, me-men, gleaners bee hive girls trail builders, etc. If you have any of the older LDS items for trade or sale I would be interested. 208-323-0581

  9. If you’re interested, here’s my ebay listing for a Greater New York Councils 1959 Camporee Woven Patch (Apatche Logo on back) BSA. It is in great condition. It was not previously sewn onto a uniform.

  10. have scouting patches ,awards , order of the arrow of Herkimer Council patches and sashes (Herkimer Council no longer )

  11. I have a 1947 certificatecof registration card. Its a bit worn. But its from 1947.

  12. I have a leather philmont scout ranch cimarron new mexico patch. Would you be interested. Also have same in cloth patch.

  13. I have some scout stuff. Neal’s national junior league instructort training camp, looks like early 70s badges including nra pins and badges among others. Any interest.

  14. Do you still collect old scouting unifroms (ie vintage green)? If not or so, please let me know.

  15. Hi..I have a Waltham Watch Company 1937 Sachem Boy Scout Jamboree Neckerchief Brass Slide that I am interested in selling…..

  16. I have a XIII World Jamboree Neckerchief, uniform patch, jacket patch and neckerchief slide all never used in the original clear plastic bag. I believe it was from 1970. Bag was sliced open just to insert the slide and patches.

  17. Was wondering if you had a double on either a Pahaquarra Neal slide or the Yards Creek flat buckle? I collect both of those camps and am looking for both items.



  18. I have a 1960’s area wolf slide and a Black Hills Council B.S.A. Scout Exposition slide with 2 scarves. Looking at what the value is for these items. Thanks.

  19. I have many patches from the 1990’s. Ohio, Dan Beard Council. Looking to sell.

  20. I need the value of a felt brotherhood sash initialed by Dr. Goodman and signed by Carrol Edson. Goodman retired close to our lodge and come by. When he was there he would sign sashes. One trip Edson same with Dr. Goodman. Boy were they busy. They signed just a few sashes a minute and the line moved on.

    They signed my Vigil sash and Goodman initialed the felt sash and Edson signed both. Goodman said he had learned to use initials on felt as the signature would began to wither away. Some of Edsons signature is still there.

    I am getting insurance and I need to know the value of each sash.

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