Collections & Accumulations Wanted

Do you have some old Boy Scout stuff you are thinking about selling? I’m always looking to buy new material. No collection too big or too small.

Scout Collection Example

Scout Collection Example

20 thoughts on “Collections & Accumulations Wanted

  1. I metal detect and found a brass badge reading George Washington B.S.A camp Pahaquarra in New Jersey. The site is from 1927 til 1971. Also a whistle The Amce Thunder with RW Zundel’s name on it plus other things. If your interested drop me a line.

  2. I have a whole book of old patches 1960 to 1978 around 200 different patches interested in selling please text me at 7654129681 for more details

  3. I have lots of old World and national jamboree belt buckles, along with world and national jamboree patches and council strip patch collections! I am looking for a buyer!

  4. I have a plethora of scout memorabilia from badges, uniforms, handbooks, pictures, etc. that I would like to sell. There is stuff from cubs through Eagle Scout. I am located in Norfolk, VA.

  5. I have a letter written July 1, 1915 by Ernest A. Griffith to William Chisholm regarding the formation of the Pioneers. He lists how the club would be formed and what the motto would be for the Pioneers, which became the cub scouts, the oath, the handshake, the salute, colors of uniform, Dartmouth green and PINK….activities, etc. Signs with Troop 1– Also have a boy scout book copyright 1913. Would love to know value

  6. I am the Scoutmaster for a Troop chartered since 1923. I am looking for some vintage adult and youth uniforms for use at special anniversary events. Can you share with me what you currently have available and prices . Thank you.

  7. I have a complete store of old Boy Scout and Girl Scout stuff for sale from badges to camping gear store was in business 64 years.

  8. Wanting an opinion on value. From mid seventies to early eighties. Includes: Eagle Scout badge from 1981 in case with date, order of the arrow sash, merit badge sash with 33 patches, 17 merit badge books, Boy Scout handbook (eight edition), order of the arrow handbook, 2 caps, misc patches, 3 sashes, 2 t shirts, one of them eagle day with Alabama governor George Wallace. I can send pictures if interested.

  9. Have many old scouting pictures from early 1900 we are looking to sell. 317-749-2247. Please let us know the process of getting this information to you. Thanks,

  10. I have a 1960’s scout master hat with patches on it, I’m looking to sell. It’s in excellent condition, and I’m willingbto work with womb ever may buy it.

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