What is Collectible

There are many areas of Boy Scout Memorabilia that are collectible and valuable. In no particular order, here are some categories that are popular:

Order of the Arrow

Council Strips

Camp Patches


National Jamboree

World Jamboree

Eagle Scout Items


Merit Badges

Neckerchief Slides

Sea Scout

Explorer Items


8 thoughts on “What is Collectible

  1. I have a 1936 boyscout calander. The campfire story dedicated to the boy scouts of Denver by the MERCHANTS BISCUIT COMPANY IT IS IN GOOD CONDATION FOR IT’S AGE ARE YOU INTERESTED?

  2. I have a boyscout doll. He is about 4″ tall . He is hard plastic , with a cloth uniform, a red bandana, a metal fleur de leu ( not sure of spelling) pin on his hat and a metal pin on his chest that says “be prepared” . An elderly man has told me he thinks he is probably from the 1930’s , but I have been unable to find him anywhere.

  3. Would you like to buy? Copyright 1917, By D. Appleton and Company
    Edited by:
    Franklin K Mathiews – Chief Scout Librarian

  4. Does anybody collect signatures? I have a set of correspondence between a scouter and Green Bar Bill. Wow, what a flamboyant signature!

  5. my father was the fire chief for 2 national jamborees he has a silver beaver award and about 50/60 years of stuff, please contact if interested to discuss,

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