Always Buying!

I’m looking to buy all types of old Boy Scout items.  Pins, Patches, Uniforms, Medals, Merit Badge Sashes, Pictures, Neckerchiefs, etc.  If you have an item or items to sell, give me a call or email and I’ll tell you what I think.

16 thoughts on “Always Buying!

  1. have many patches merit badges bandanas and medals and pins if u are interested i can photograph them for you

  2. I have some old memorabilia for you. Contact me with your email address so we can arrange my sending it to you.

  3. I have boy scout patches some not even sewed on and a rare button with bake olite around a brass plate

  4. My grandfather was a eagle scout in the early years of the boy scouts,
    he did attend the very first Jamboree in Washington in 1935, they
    said it was canceled and etc now, but it was not he and his friends went
    in their truck from Nebraska. It broke down on the way to the Jamboree
    and they walked to a farmers property and asked for help. The farmer offered
    up the transmission out of an older tractor he had to keep them going on the
    road. My grandfather and the other boys of the time made it work, and made
    it to the Jamboree in August 1935…The event was still held and scouts still
    showed up even though ” it was called off. ”

    I have pieces of history that will change this including my grandfathers original
    uniform and some paperwork I found. He was so found of how they made it to
    D.C and attended the very first Jamboree for the scouts, he was an eagle scout
    as well during the time. Later a very important role in WWII being lead navigator
    in missions, and Head all off shore oil geophysicist for Amoco Oil.

    Iam sure the 1935 Jamboree event happened even when it was suppose to be
    cancelled. He and his friends from York Nebraska showed up and did others…

    I just think there is no history to this happening and or very rare…I can help change
    this with the items I have.

  5. I have uniforms I found in my attic. There mint condition. Over 40 years old would you anyone be interested going to highest bidder!!!! Contact me if interested! or call me 1-530-678-3503 ask for Terra

  6. I have some boyscout flags. I also have a silver beaver along with the newspaper write up and the certificate to the fella. Let me know if your interested. Thanks, Lori

  7. Have a few NICE items for sale.
    164 Manomet R1 $1700.00
    FF arrow left $195.00
    FF arrow right $285.00

  8. Correcting above post.
    F1, AND F2 AND R1
    also have F3 and F4
    F3 $235.00
    F4 $ $140.00
    also have all first patches for Tisquanttum 164
    All these patches ane NEW and CLEAN never been used

  9. I have a boy scout Jr. chrome deep see fishing reel with wire line pat. 14. it is the old halibut type rod and reel . let me know if you want to see pictures or make an offer.

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