Boy Scout Mugs

Boy Scout Coffee Mugs

Boy Scout Coffee Mugs

Boy Scout Coffee Mugs while cool, are not all that collectible.  I hate it when someone has a box of these and thinks they are going to get rich off them.  The brutal truth is they are good for drinking coffee and target practice.

National Jamboree Memorabilia

National Jamboree Memorabilia is very popular, but the following statistics are interesting.  For example, at the 1960 National Jamboree held in Colorado Springs there were 56,377 attendees.  This was the largest attendance ever at a Jamboree (not counting 1973 which had two locations).  I think its safe to say that every attendee purchased at least 2 or 3 patches, so right there you have over 100,000 of these patches that were made and sold.  Many scouts purchased 10 or more.  My only point here is that there is a ton of National Jamboree material out there which means its not that rare or valuable.

Year Location Theme/Notes Dates Attendance[7]
1935 Washington, D.C. BSA Silver Jubilee (25th) August 21, 1935–August 30, 1935 cancelled due to a polioepidemic.[8]
1937 Washington D.C.[9] June 30, 1937–July 9, 1937 27,238
1950 Valley Forge,Pennsylvania “Strengthen Liberty” June 27, 1950–July 6, 1950 47,163
1953 Irvine Ranch, California
(Area now calledNewport Center andFashion Island)
“Forward on Liberty’s Team”
Jamboree Road built for the event
July 17, 1953–July 23, 1953 45,401
1957 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania “Onward For God And My Country” July 12, 1957–July 18, 1957 52,580
1960 Colorado Springs,Colorado “For God and Country”
BSA Golden Jubilee (50th)
July 22, 1960–July 28, 1960 56,377
1964 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania “Strengthen America’s Heritage” July 17, 1964–July 23, 1964 50,960
1969 Farragut State Park,Idaho “Building to Serve” July 16, 1969–July 22, 1969 34,251
1973 Farragut State Park, Idaho and Moraine State Park,Pennsylvania “Growing Together” August 1, 1973–August 7, 1973(ID)
August 3, 1973–August 9, 1973(PA)
73,610 (Combined)
1977 Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania “Forward Together” August 3, 1977–August 9, 1977 28,601
1981 Fort A.P. Hill,Virginia “Scouting’s Reunion with History” July 29, 1981–August 4, 1981 29,765
1985 Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia “The Spirit Lives On”
BSA Diamond Jubilee (75th)
July 24, 1985–July 30, 1985[10] 32,615
1989 Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia “The Adventure Begins…With America’s Youth” August 3, 1989–August 9, 1989 32,717
1993 Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia “Scouting…A bridge to the Future” August 4, 1993–August 10, 1993 34,449
1997 Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia “Character Counts…Be Prepared for the 21st century” July 28, 1997–August 6, 1997 36,015
2001 Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia “Strong Values, Strong Leaders…Character Counts” July 23, 2001–August 1, 2001 42,002
2005 Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia “Character Not Only Counts, It Multiplies” July 25, 2005–August 3, 2005 43,307
2010 Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia “Celebrating the Adventure, Continuing the Journey”[11] (100th) July 26, 2010–August 4, 2010 43,434

Always Buying!

I’m looking to buy all types of old Boy Scout items.  Pins, Patches, Uniforms, Medals, Merit Badge Sashes, Pictures, Neckerchiefs, etc.  If you have an item or items to sell, give me a call or email and I’ll tell you what I think.